Arnikesh Scalp Treatment Hair Oil: Review

Hey girlies!
I'm always very much scared for my hairs. My hairs are very light and dull and till now I'm unable to find any solution for my hairs related problems. 
So on that note, I grabbed one more ayurvedic hair oil to see if this helps in resolving my hair problems or not. This hair oil was being prescribed to me by a doctor and then started using it. 

PRICE & QUANTITY: Rs. 55/- for 50 ml (has to be mixed 50 ml of any other oil of your choice, so total quantity will be 100 ml)

AVAILABILITY: In medical stores

SHELF LIFE: 5 years from the date of manufacture

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This is not a cosmetic or toilet preparation. This oil will help in the treatment of dandruff, hair fall, burning eyes, tension, and loss of sleep. It contains 50 ml, net concentrate to make 100 ml. (When mixed as directed).

INGREDIENTS: Arnica montana, brahmi, lavandula angustifolia, cantharis in equal proportion in vegetable oil base q.s, total medication 0.25%

HOW TO PREPARE: Fill bottle up to the shoulder with coconut or any other good vegetable oil.

  • Shake well before use.
  • Rub the oil gently with finger tips into the hair roots as often as possible.
  • For best results, leave overnight or longer before washing hair with a mild shampoo.
PACKAGING: It comes in a plastic bottle with a plastic silver cap and a green cap (which can be used to store the oil comfortably). Further, it is been packed inside a box packaging on which you can read all the details about the product. 

TEXTURE & CONSISTENCY: Texture is smooth but has a little thick consistency. It really feels sticky and heavy when applied. So a con lies in this department. 

FRAGRANCE: It doesn't hold any fragrance as such.

PRICE: I think it's very much cheaper as compared to other hair oils. Though I've seen that ayurvedic products are generally cheaper. If you are looking for pocket friendly hair oil, then you must grab this oil for sure.

COLOR: It is colorless and I forgot to capture the swatch. LOL!! Silly me!! 

MY EXPERIENCE: In short, I didn't like this product as such. It really didn't worked for me and I was very much excited to use it and see the results.
I applied this oil twice a week, but I couldn't experience any changes in my hairs in a good way. I'll not say that this oil won't work for you. You can always give it a try but yeah for me, it is a big no. 
I was actually expecting many good things from this oil and wanted to write something positive about it but shaks!! I really don't think I should write any positive points for this product. But yes, it made my hairs soft to some extent.
So, my journey of experiencing this oil really cut down to be very short. Don't you think??
  • Pocket friendly
  • Travel friendly 
  • Can be used for many hairs related problems
  • Naturally made
  • Excellent shelf life
  • Experienced soft hairs after usage
  • Hair fall continued
  • Thick consistency
  • No fragrance
  • Heavy when applied
  • Doesn't stands to what it claims (at least not for me)
RATINGS: 2.5/5

For me, it didn't work so but obvious I'll not recommend this hair oil to you. But also I'll not say that it won't work for me as every individual has different type of hairs. I'd suggest you to give it a try and decide accordingly. 

Have you tried Arnikesh Scalp Treatment Hair Oil? If yes, do share your experience and views with me in the comment section below. If no, would you like to try Arnikesh Scalp Treatment Hair Oil?

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog post. I hope you liked it. Have a nice day.


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