AVON Vitamin C Cuticle Gel: Review + Swatch + Demo

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If you are a regular reader of my blog or even you know little about me, then you must know that I’m a pure nail care freak and I so love taking care of my nails.

So on that note, today I’m going to review Avon Vitamin C Cuticle Gel, which is my current favorite product when it comes to nail care. Well I was also thinking about doing a proper nail care post for you guys because I get so many messages for the same. 

Do tell me in the comments if you want that post, I’ll surely write it as soon as possible for you guys, because you know I love you all so very much.

Coming back to the product, lol, let’s have a look at the product first. :D

PRICE AND QUANTITY: Rs. 149/- for 15 g


SHELF LIFE: 3 years

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: When we talk about nail care, there are certain set of products which are necessary. From the nail care products list, cuticle gel is one of the products which play an important role. This cuticle gel is rich in Vitamin C. This gel hydrates and softens your cuticles and keeps your nails and nail beds healthy.

INGREDIENTS: Not mentioned

  • Apply a small amount to cuticles
  • Massage gently
  • Wipe off any excess product
MY EXPERIENCE: Personally, I love this product a lot. This cuticle gel really made my cuticles very soft and healthy.
In a month for one complete week, I don’t apply any nail polish or nail art to let my nails breathe. So in that one week, I apply this gel twice a day. Otherwise, on daily basis, I apply it before going to bed.

Packaging: It comes in a plastic tube which is orange in color with a white cap. You need to press on to the tube to pour out the product from its small opening which leads to no product wastage as you can see how much product you need. The packaging is travel friendly too and fits your handbag perfectly. At the back and on the front, you can read about the product very easily.

Texture: The texture is kinda sticky when you massage it but vanishes away after some time.  
Consistency: Now as it’s a gel, the consistency is little thick but when you start on with the massaging process, it runs just like any lotion or body wash consistency. In short, it’s satisfactory.
Price: Just go grab it girls!!! I mean like in just 150 bucks what you really get when it comes to nail care products? But this product is really worth buying and is less than 150 bucks. Lol!!! I mean its 149 bucks only.
Fragrance: It really does not hold any kind of strong fragrance. But it has a fruity smell but you hardly get that feeling and fragrance.

I have been using this gel from quite long now and loving the results. If you also want an economical nail care products, then I would surely recommend this cuticle gel to all the beautiful girls and ladies like you.

SWATCH: In the image below, you can see the swatch.


In the image below, you can see the demo with the NOTD.
  • Apply required amount of the product on your cuticles
  • Massage gently till it gets absorbed

TIP: As it becomes little sticky, you can apply any hand cream or lotion and massage gently.

  • Travel friendly
  • Economical
  • Softens your cuticles
  • Makes your nails and nail beds strong
  • Remove cuticles with regular usage
  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • Requires very less product
  • Consistency is super fine
  • Texture is little sticky


FINAL VERDICT: As far as this product is concerned, according to me, you should give it a try and you’ll not be disappointed. It really works great and is a perfect solution to your cuticles related problems.

Do share your views on this Avon Vitamin C Cuticle Gel in the comments below. Have you tried this product?? If yes, then what is your take on it? If no, will you give it a try???

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog post. I hope you liked it. Have a nice day.

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Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money. This post is not sponsored, promotion of the brand or in influence of the brand.

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  1. It is darn cheap..I didnt know they have this product..


    1. exactly!! even I didn't knew but fortunately got encountered with it.. heheh :p

  2. Good one. Thank you for sharing. :-)

    1. thank u hun.. I'm glad you liked the post..!!

    2. thank u hun.. I'm glad you liked the post..!!

  3. This looks so cool and affordable too, I might get it, nice review Kanika.

    1. it works amazingly well... thank u so much di :D