AVON Simply Pretty ColorBliss Lipstick in Rich Terracotta: Review + Swatch + LOTD + FOTD

Hey everyone! I hope you all doing great!

Today I'm going to review AVON Simply Pretty ColorBliss Lipstick in the shade called 'RICH TERRACOTTA'. 
It's been a while since i reviewed any lip shade, so today I thought to share this lippy post with all of you. ;) 
And this shade is really nice, pretty mix of little maroon and more of brown shades.

Lets have a look at the product first. ^_^


QUANTITY AND PRICE: INR-Rs. 169/- for 4g/ml

AVAILABILITY: Through a consultant.

SHELF LIFE: Not mentioned.

WHAT AVON SAYS ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Enjoy medium to full color while giving your lips extra moisturizing care. Now with added moisturizing complex, a blend of natural ingredients, that protects lips while keeping it soft, supple and moisturized. Feels light & comfortable on lips.

  • Jojoba oil
  • Soya bean oil
  • Rice bran oil
  • Vitamin E

TEXTURE: The texture is creamy and moisturizing. You won't get a feeling that your lips are burdened/ over burdened with the shade/ lip makeup. As it contains natural ingredients, it won't harm your lips. Your lips will be happy and moisturized with creamy effect. Your lips are nourished throughout. It's light in texture and on to your lips too.

  • Apply it as you apply any other lipstick.
  • It can be removed using any makeup remover.
PACKAGING: The packaging is really cute yet elegant. It has a pink body on which you can see the company's name in light pink color with a long pink cap. And pink is every girl's favorite color, right?? :D It has a twisted bottom that rolls up the product for use. At the bottom you can see the product code. The product is safe inside such packaging and contains healthy quantity. 

MY EXPERIENCE: Personally, I'm not a fan of shades like browns or maroons and prefer using more of pinks, reds and neutral shades. But I really liked this shade due to the fact it has creamy texture that keeps my lips moisturized throughout. And this shade is perfect for Indian skin tones and of course for wedding season as well. My experience had been great with this product. I'have used this shade only 4-6 times but at the end of the day, it never disappointed me.

  • Creamy texture.
  • Moisturizes your lips.
  • Contains natural ingredients.
  • It won't harm your lips.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Contains Vitamin E.
  • Available in various shades.
  • Perfect for Indian skin tones.
  • Complete list of ingredients are not mentioned.
  • You can't buy it online and you have to search a lot for representatives (if you referring the website).
SWATCHES: Here are the swatches.
  • On the hand

RATINGS: 4.50/5

FINAL VERDICT: In my point of you, you must give it a try. This particular range is available in many other shades and I'm sure you'll be able to get your right shade. I am impressed with the packaging and its texture. Also, it remains intact for 2-4 hours. If you a working lady, then this would be great lip product for you. ^_^

Do share your views on this lip shade in the comments below. Have you tried it? If yes, then what is your take on it? If not, will you give it a try?

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog post. I hope you liked it. Have a nice day.

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Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money. This post is not sponsored, promotion of the brand or in influence of the brand.

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  1. I Love this shade!!!! Lovely swatch and it looks beautiful on your lips :)

  2. This is a very pretty shade.. looks pretty on you :)

  3. very pretty shade, i loved the cute packing :)

    1. thank you dear.. even i liked the packaging.. too cute.. <3

  4. Nice review Kanika.. As u said, this shade might not be suitable for daily wear. But it looks very good and apt for wedding season...


  5. Kannu it looks awesome on you, what a beautiful shade :)