Hello pretty ladies. I hope you doing great!

Today I am going to show another simple yet elegant nail art design with both video and picture tutorials.
I am being very lazy these days because of college assignments, then presentations and all boring exams stuff, arrgghhh. So I decided to share some fun post today, and what could be more fun to play with colors and do nail art stuff?
So, here I am. :D

Lets have a look at the design first. ^_^

This nail art design is really cute and adorable, and you know the most awesome part of it? It is super easy to do it. :D Yuppiiee!! I really you would like the tutorials. Lets go ahead.

Okay! So for the design, I just played around the colors, and as always I have used acrylic paints here, it just makes your work super easy and if you commit any mistakes, just wash it off and start again. That's why I love using acrylic paints, and these are affordable too. Yay!!! 

For the base color I applied 2 thin coats of NUTTY LOVE (97) from LOTUS HERBALS, you can read the review on polish here. And if you wish to buy this nail enamel, well go ahead and buy it here.

And now, lets jump to the video tutorial. :D

I really hope you enjoyed this fun nail art tutorial. ^_^

And now, its time for the pictorial. Lets make it simple for you via steps, come on!! :D


  • Apply your base coat first.
  • Apply 2 thin coats of Nutty Love (97) from Lotus Herbals.
  • Place 2-3 big dots using white paint. (I used back of the nail art brush for bigger dots) 
  • Then place random tiny dots on the nail part which is not covered.
  • On the white dots, add maroon dots leaving white outline.
  • Repeat the above step with cream color.
  • And then finally with the pink paint.
  • Apply a layer of top coat.
  • Your nails are done!

I really hope this might helped you to achieve this super fun nail art design. If you decide to try out this nail art design, do share your recreations with me on social networks using #kannucreative or #kannu_creative. 

Some pictures of the finished design. ^_^

Do share your views on this nail art design in the comment section below. :D ^_^

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog post. I hope you liked it. Have a nice day.

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Disclaimer: I purchased all the items used for this nail art design using my own money.

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  1. Nail artists are so creative! I like the polka design!
    Lets follow each others blog :)

  2. Kannu!! This is soo picture perfect! I loved it, gonna try it too.. I know I cannot be this good, but will try it! <3

    1. Thank uuu soo much Di... do try it.. share it with me... its super easy.. I hope it turn out well... ^_^ :*

  3. Another great creation from you dear!!

  4. vow.. great job i loved this one a lot Kannu ♥♥

  5. Wow, totally beautiful!!! I so wanna try this, you made it look so simple with the tute but I'm really hopeless when it comes to nail art :D :D

    1. Thank you soooo much di... m glad u liked it... do try it di.. its very simple. . It'll turn out to be good... ^_^